Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How Do I Apply?

After your evaluation is complete, you will work with the Degree Completion staff to be re-enrolled or admitted to Kent State University through the Degree Completion program.

When Should I Apply?

Right away! We accept applications throughout the year, but applying early is beneficial for financial aid and early registration.

Do I Need Previous College Experience?

Yes, in order to participate in the Degree Completion Program you must have earned a minimum of 90 credit hours at any Kent State University campus.

What Can I Major In?

You can choose between one of three majors:

  • Bachelor of Integrative Studies: is for individuals who wish to take a multi-disciplinary, individualized approach to the design of an educational program while maintaining a focus on career and professional goals.
  • Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies: is for individuals who wish to function as educators in human services and resource settings such as business and industry, religious, community, or interest and advocacy groups.
  • Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies: is for individuals who want a wide variety of skills/knowledge such as civic engagement, computer literacy, critical thinking, diversity/internationalization, ethics, information literacy, leadership, self-management, oral and written communication, and statistical thinking. 


How Long Will It Take to Get My Degree?

This not only depends on your academic history (how many credits you have earned, etc.), but also the degree program you choose and how many classes you would like to take at a given time. You can take one, two, three or more classes at a time, the choice is yours. Prior to beginning classes, you will work with Deanna to design a degree completion plan that will fit your lifestyle.

Selecting & Registering for Classes

When Are Classes Held?

The Degree Completion program is designed to meet the needs of working adults. Convenient and flexible, we strive to find courses and a schedule that will best fit your individual needs. You will have the option to take on-campus and online classes, as well as day, evening, and weekend classes.

Do You Offer Any Online Classes?

Yes, we offer a variety of online classes for you to choose. We also have on-campus, evening, and weekend classes.

Paying for Classes

What Does It Cost to Attend?

Tuition and fee amounts are updated annually. Please visit the Bursar’s Office web page for tuition information.

When Can I File My FAFSA on the Web?

You will be able to file the FAFSA beginning January 1st.

Transfer Credit & Prior Coursework

Do You Accept CLEP?
Do You Grant Credit for Military Training?
How Much Transfer Credit Do You Accept?

We will accept up to 90 hours of transfer credit from an accredited institution.

How Do I Know Which Courses Will Transfer to Kent State?

All college-level courses taken at a regionally accredited Ohio college or university will transfer with a grade of D or better if taken fall 2005 and later. Ohio courses taken prior to fall 2005 will transfer with a grade of C or better. All college-level courses taken at a regionally accredited non-Ohio college or university and international credit will transfer with a grade of D or better if taken fall 2010 and later. Prior to fall 2010, out of state courses and international credit will transfer with a grade of C or better.

To find out how courses you have taken at your previous institution(s) will transfer to Kent State, view the Transfer Credit Guide. This information is published and updated to help you see how your prior learning will transfer.