Guest Students

If you would like to complete a few courses at Kent State, the guest applicant may be right for you.  A guest student is one who wants to take a limited number of courses at Kent State and who has no current interest in pursuing a degree. To be admitted as a guest student at the undergraduate level, you must have earned a high school diploma, a GED certificate or the equivalent. The guest application does not require transcripts or an application fee.

Undergraduate Guest Applicant

As an undergraduate guest student, you may attempt no more than 18 semester hours, and you are not eligible for financial aid. Those who have previously been denied admission to a degree program at Kent State may not be admitted as a guest student.

After completing courses as a guest student, if you choose to pursue a Kent State degree or want to continue beyond the 18-hour credit limit, you will need to apply for regular admission.

Apply Online as an Undergraduate Guest

Graduate Guest Applicant

If you want to be a guest student at the graduate level (with a limit of six semester hours), you must have earned a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent.  You should contact graduate admissions below to learn more and to submit your guest application.

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