Honors College

The Honors College has been providing an enriched educational experience for undergraduate students with outstanding intellectual and creative ability since 1933.


Open to students from all majors, the Honors College provides: smaller sections of courses, priority registration, the opportunity to work individually with faculty on research and other projects, the option to apply to live in the Honors living-learning community in the Stopher-Johnson complex, personalized advising each semester, as well as a variety of civic, cultural, and other event programming.


Incoming Freshmen

Students admitted to Kent State University as incoming freshmen are invited to join the Honors College based on high school and standardized test performance. Students are required to submit a supplemental application for honors admission.

Current Kent State and Transfer Students

Current Kent State University students who are not admitted as incoming freshmen but would like to join the Honors College may apply for membership in the Honors College for the purpose of completing a Senior Honors Thesis/Project. Typically, this consideration occurs in the junior year. Please contact the Honors College for more information.

Students who transfer to Kent State University from another Honors program or college at an accredited institution are eligible to apply for admission to the Honors College. Please contact the Honors College for more information.


The Honors College awards merit scholarships to entering freshmen that demonstrate the potential for superior scholarly and creative activity at the university. All entering freshmen are automatically considered for honors merit scholarships ranging from $1,000 to full in-state tuition, room and board per academic year. The Creative Artist Awards Competition recognizes academic talent and creative ability of incoming students pursuing academic programs in the creative and performing arts. Participants are eligible to receive renewable scholarship awards ranging from $1,500 to $3,500 per academic year. Current Kent State students and transfer students may apply for an Honors Academic Achievement Award, a renewable award that provides $1,000 per academic year.


The Honors curriculum is diverse, allowing students to select appropriate enhancement opportunities for their individual academic programs. Honors students at Kent State University are required to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of Honors work. With the guidance of dedicated faculty members and honors advisors, opportunities for learning and exploration are unlimited.


Honors courses tend to be smaller than standard courses at the University, offering students a better opportunity to get to know very supportive professors on a personal level and an opportunity to have meaningful discussions in the classroom.

The curriculum begins with Freshman Honors Colloquium, a rigorous yearlong course in reading, writing, and thinking about literature and ideas designed to foster habits of intellectual inquiry and expression that are necessary for success in honors courses.

Students may choose from a variety of Honors courses offered in the Kent Core, select major and minor courses, as well as individualized study, and specialized Honors College special topics courses.

Study Away Experiences

The Honors College provides comprehensive and individualized advising to all Honors students each semester.  Honors advisors work with students to personalize their educational experiences in accordance with their specific interests and career aspirations.  Honors students have a variety of options for obtaining honors credit each semester, and the professional advising staff is available to assist students in determining their best path towards completing their Honors requirements and making the most of their undergraduate experience.  Honors advising is a supplement to the academic advising students receive from their primary and faculty advisors.

Senior Honors Thesis/Project

The Senior Honors Thesis/Project is an opportunity for students to complete individual scholarly or creative work under the direction of a faculty advisor, culminating in a significant written work that may take the form of research, creative or applied projects.


The Honors College provides careful and comprehensive advising. Honors advisors work with students to personalize their educational experience in accordance with their interests and career aspirations. Honors students and advisors work collaboratively to identify the appropriate honors work for each individual student’s interests. Academic advising in the Honors College is a supplement to academic advising students receive from their major or college advisors.

Graduation With Honors 

The Honors College offers several pathways for Graduation with Honors. Each path requires a minimum grade point average, active participation in honors work, and the successful completion of a Senior Honors Thesis/Project. Students who do not complete a Senior Honors Thesis/Project but who are in good standing, have a cumulative GPA of 3.25, and have obtained 24 hours of Honors credits will earn the notation “Honors College Scholar” printed on their final academic transcript. 

Honors Living-Learning Community 

The Honors College living-learning community, located in Stopher and Johnson Halls, is specifically for students who have been admitted to the Honors College. Students are provided with the opportunity to live and learn together in an atmosphere dedicated to holistic learning by engaging students in social and educational programs designed to promote intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and independence.

The Stopher-Johnson Complex houses the administrative offices of the college, as well as housing accommodations for 440 honors students. Students who live in the Honors College living-learning community have convenient access to the Honors College library and computer lab and classrooms where most of the Freshman Honors Colloquia are taught.