Pre-Professional Programs


The pre-professional programs at Kent State University are designed for students whose career goals involve further professional training beyond the bachelor’s degree. Non-major advising programs are available in pre-law and pre-engineering.

At the earliest possible date, the student with such career goals in mind should identify the options available; immediately begin to meet the requirements of the appropriate pre-professional program; and become familiar with the entrance requirements, standards and expectations of the particular school or program in which advanced training is to be pursued.



Most law schools, including all in Ohio, require bachelor’s degrees for admission. The degree may be from any discipline at Kent State University. Although no rigid, prescribed course of study has been formulated by those law schools as a prerequisite for admission, Kent State does offer a pre-law minor to help guide students in their choice of courses in preparation for law school.

Law schools emphasize the value of a thorough knowledge of the social sciences and a good command of written English. A general liberal arts background is recommended, but other fields, such as business, may also be useful. Many pre-law students choose to major in philosophy, political science, history, sociology, psychology, economics, English or justice studies. A Bachelor of General Studies degree program is suitable if it is carefully planned.

Law schools vary considerably in their admission requirements. Most place major emphasis on the overall grade point average and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score. Students usually take this test about one year before beginning law school.

Any student considering law as a career should seek individual advising from the pre-law advisers in the Department of Political Science (regardless of the student’s major or college). The department provides LSAT registration packets, pre-law planning guides, information on law school admissions of Kent State students, financial information and a file of law school catalogs. A pre-law club is active on campus.



Students who wish to prepare for engineering careers can begin their studies at Kent State. They should, however, be thoroughly acquainted with the admission requirements of the schools of engineering to which they plan to apply. Curriculum information can be obtained from the pre-engineering advisor in the Department of Physics or from the College of Arts and Sciences.