The Department of Sociology at Kent State University offers a four-year program in sociology leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Qualified students with a Bachelor’s degree can pursue the Sociology Ph.D. degree at Kent State.

Sociology is the scientific study of the interrelationships among individuals, groups and institutions. Sociologists attempt to isolate and explain these relationships in all areas of social life. Sociologists study areas such as, but not limited to, family life, gender, race relations, medical and mental health, deviant behavior and behavior in complex organizations. Students can learn about the discipline by reviewing the American Sociological Association website. This website includes a description of career opportunities in sociology.

Program Requirements

All students pursuing bachelor’s degrees at Kent State complete a series of Kent Core requirements. Sociology majors take courses in the areas of English composition, mathematics or logic, foreign language, humanities, fine arts, social sciences and basic sciences. The person wishing to pursue a major in sociology at Kent State must complete 34 hours of coursework in sociology — 13 hours of required courses, 12 concentration hours and 9 hours of elective courses, in addition to university requirements as specified in the Kent State Undergraduate Catalog.

Required Courses For the Sociology Major:
  • Sociology 12050  Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociology 32210 Researching Society
  • Sociology 32220 Data Analysis
  • Sociology 32221 Data Analysis Laboratory
  • Sociology 42126, Sociological Theories

The seven concentrations are:

Cultural Sociology
Family and Life Course Sociology
General Sociology
Medical Sociology
Social Inequalities
Social Problems
Deviance and Crime
Sociological Social Psychology

  • Total required credit hours for sociology major
  • 34

Consult the Kent State University Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of available sociology courses.

Student Organizations 

The department has an active undergraduate club called the Student Sociological Collective. Any student interested in sociology may join the club. The department is also home to Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the Sociology Honor Society, and Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS). Membership in these organizations enables students to interact with faculty and other sociology students on a regular and more informal basis.




Sociology has a department academic advisor who works specifically with sociology majors and minors regarding course scheduling, timely graduation and opportunities that fit with their long-term goals. Students are also encouraged to meet with the undergraduate coordinator (or another faculty member) to discuss career goals, graduate study and research interests.

Research and Internship Opportunities 

Sociology students have the opportunity to complete internships for academic credit. They can obtain research experience working on faculty projects as well as independent, student-led projects. In addition, students may participate in survey research projects in the department’s Survey Research Lab.

Minor In Sociology 

A sociology minor gives a broad understanding of the theoretical, methodological and substantive issues relevant to the field. The minor requires 21 hours of coursework. A minor can be completed in conjunction with any other Kent State major.