Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies

Kent State University’s School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in adolescent and young adult education, early childhood education, middle childhood education and physical education.

The College of Education, Health and Human Services has long been recognized as a national leader in the development of teachers, counselors and school administrators. The achievements of Kent State’s education graduates, especially in Northeast Ohio, speak well for the high quality of the program. The program’s faculty boast a strong record of teaching, research and public service. Careful attention is also given to advising students and helping them develop programs of study that meet their individual goals.

Students receive comprehensive preparation for the art of teaching through a diversified and coherent program of study. Approximately one-third of the curriculum consists of appropriate courses in the liberal arts and sciences and at least 40 percent of a student’s program is devoted to mastery of the subject to be taught. Professional studies are based on an inquiry model, including participation in observation and instructional activities, culminating with student teaching.

Educational technology is an integral part of the program. The college was the first in Ohio to offer SchoolNet Classrooms as part of a student’s professional coursework. In these classrooms, students experience practical applications of technology-based curriculum to prepare them for using advanced technology in their future educational settings. The AT&T Classroom offers students opportunities for research, observation and experience with computer-based instruction as it applies to several school-aged groups that participate each year. 

Selective Admission

Students who wish to pursue early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence to young/adult education programs will be reviewed by the program area faculty before beginning professional coursework. Criteria for selection are based, in part, upon college grade point average, grades in selected courses, pre-professional skills test scores, a written essay and an interview. 

Licensure Program Description

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services offers many different programs leading to teacher licensure. With the exception of the multi-age education track, all of the following programs for teacher licensure have selective admission requirements which include a 2.75 GPA combined with a 21 ACT/980 SAT or 16 college prep units for incoming freshmen or a 2.75 cumulative GPA for transfer students.

Adolescent And Young Adult Education

(grades 7 through 12)

Adolescent and Young Adult Education Website
Successful graduates of the Adolescent and Young Adult Education (ADED) Program are recommended for licensure in a variety of areas depending on their major. Candidates are prepared for licenses to teach adolescents and young adults ages 12 - 21, grades 7 - 12. ADED majors offered are: Earth Science, Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Science, Integrated Social Studies, Life Sciences, Life Science/Chemistry and Physical Sciences. Kent’s program has many strengths. Two in particular are: (1) Each subject area has at least two courses focused on the teaching and learning of the subjects they will be teaching (language arts, mathematics, science or social studies), and 2) Each candidate spends the fall and spring of their final year in the same middle or high school.


Early Childhood Education

(grades pre-kindergarten through 3)

Early Childhood Education Website
The Early Childhood Education Program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Early Childhood Education, preparing teachers for preschool through grade 3 (ages three to age eight). The initial licensure program is designed to develop teachers who can teach effectively across the age span and meet variations in ability. Students pursue a program of study that involves Kent Core requirements, college requirements, and a five semester block of early childhood education courses that are integrated with field and clinical experiences. The program includes two student teaching experiences: preschool (300 clock hours) and kindergarten/primary (400 clock hours). In the remaining blocks, students complete a total of 546 additional field hours at the preschool, kindergarten and primary levels. This baccalaureate program is available at Kent, Kent State Salem and Kent State Tuscarawas. The two-year associate program is offered offered at Kent State Salem and Kent State Tuscarawas.

Middle Childhood Education

(grades 4 through 9)

Middle Childhood Education Website

The Middle Childhood Education Program can be completed at Kent, Kent State Geauga and Kent State Stark. It prepares teachers for grades 4 through 9 (ages 8 to 14). Teacher candidates choose two of four content areas for specialization: language arts, math, science, or social studies. They are also licensed to teach reading for grades 4 through 9. With a few additional classes, students are eligible to earn the generalist endorsement, which allows them to teach all content areas in grades 4-6. 

Physical Education

Physical Education Website 

Faculty in the Physical Education Program are committed to teaching and fostering a personalized approach to the undergraduate educational experience. Students study under a distinguished and dedicated faculty, active in teaching, scholarship, research and professional activities. There are three concentrations within this major. 

  • Physical Education Teacher Licensure
    The teacher certification concentration prepares students for careers as licensed physical education teachers for children and youth (kindergarten through grade 12). This professional program requires a 2.75 cumulative GPA. Teacher candidates learn to teach within a series of in-depth field experiences. The teacher education curriculum is accredited by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).
  • Health and Physical Education
    Students can pursue multi-age licensure to teach both Health and Physical Education (HPE). These students must maintain a major and cumulative GPA of 2.75. This is a five-year undergraduate program requiring completion of 164 credit hours. The HPE program is a popular curricular option.
  • Human Movement Studies
    This concentration affords students the opportunity to individualize an area of study through a liberal approach to education. A minor is required (e.g., athletic coaching, biology, psychology, sports management, sports medicine or others). Students select courses related to physical education or sport studies to support their areas of interest or for preparation for a related profession such as athletic coaching, or physical activity leaders in non school programs.

Multi-age Education

(grades pre-kindergarten through 12)

Students majoring in the Multi-Age Program leading to licensure will complete the major in their content area and a minor in education. The following licensure programs are offered at Kent State: Art, English as a Second Language, Foreign Language Education, (including American Sign Language), Dance, and Music education.

Student Teaching

Students may choose to complete their student teaching experience out of state. Placements are located in public school districts in Collier and Lee counties, Florida; Clear Creek (Houston), Texas; and Paradise Valley, Arizona. The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) provides students with opportunities to student teach outside of the U.S. in countries such as Australia, Ecuador, England, Greece, Ireland, Scotland and Switzerland.