What To Do If You Are Dismissed From the University | Kent State University

What To Do If You Are Dismissed From the University

Criteria for Dismissal under the 2017-2018 University Catalog

According to University policy the Provost may dismiss:

1. A student who earns between a 0.000 and 0.500 GPA in their first semester at Kent State.

2. A student on probation (including transfer students admitted on probation) when the student's cumulative grade point average (GPA) is within the following ranges:

  • 0 – 29 GPA hours-below 1.100 cumulative GPA
  • 30 – 59 GPA hours-below 1.500 cumulative GPA
  • 60 – 89 GPA hours-below 1.750 cumulative GPA
  • 90 or more GPA hours-below 1.900 cumulative GPA

3. A full-time student who receives 9 or more credit hours and a less-than-full-time student who receives 6 or more credit hours of any combination of the following grades or marks in the semester under review: F (Fail), NF (Never Attended - Fail), SF (Stopped Attending - Fail), U (Unsatisfactory). This policy applies without regard to whether the designated grades were included or excluded from the student's cumulative GPA.

Appealing the Dismissal

Students can appeal their dismissal. The colleges will review appeals and make their recommendations to the Provost. Students will be notified of the outcome via their kent.edu email account. Please see the link to the guidelines for dismissal appeals (PDF).

Dismissal Contacts - Kent Campus (PDF)

Dismissal Contacts - Regional Campuses (PDF)


There are many details that must be taken care of if you have been dismissed. Please see the Dismissal Checklist (PDF) for details.


After 12 months, students may apply for reinstatement. You can begin planning for reinstatement by reviewing the Reinstatement Policy in the catalog. Contact your college or campus advising office if you have any questions.