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Academic Engagement and Degree Completion offers the ACT-Residual test for admission to Kent State and is ranked in the top 100 test centers in the nation administering the most College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests each year.

General Guidelines

  1. Advance registration is required for ALL tests.
  2. Individuals must arrive on time or risk having to reschedule. Late arrivals are not permitted to enter the testing room.
  3. Acceptable photo identification must be presented at test check-in.
  4. Items prohibited in testing room: cell phones, pagers, PDAs and other electronic devices, test aids (i.e. notes, dictionaries), or calculators (unless specified for the purpose of taking the test).
  5. Personal belongings are not allowed at your seat (hats, drinks, purses).
  6. Children are not permitted in the testing room and may not be left unattended.
  7. Time out of the testing room can NOT be made up.
  8. If the university is closed (i.e. due to a weather advisory), you may reschedule these tests at the Online Test Registration site without having to re-pay the registration fee.