Where is Crew? Who killed Mas’ Charles?

The Pan-African Theatre Ensemble performs Dennis Scott’s An Echo in the Bone

Kent State University, OH --The Pan-African Theatre Ensemble will perform the 1974 Caribbean classic, a Jamaican play, An Echo in the Bone by Dennis Scott, directed by D. Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickson in the African Community Theatre opening on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  The African Community Theatre is located in room 230 Oscar Ritchie Hall on Kent State University campus, 225 Terrace Drive, Kent, Ohio 44240.  A post-show discussion with members of the cast is scheduled following the performance and will stream on Facebook Live.


An Echo in the Bone is about a poor farming family in rural Jamaica in 1937– with a father, “Crew,” mother, “Rachel,” and two sons “Jacko” and “Son Son,” and Jacko’s wife “Bridget” - all descendants of enslaved Africans who continue to live and work on a sugar plantation in abject poverty after slavery ended in 1834. The play takes place during a nine night ceremony, a traditional African Jamaican ritual to usher departed loved ones to the afterlife. In the play, Mas’ Charlie is dead. Everyone suspects that Crew killed Mas’ Charlie, ran away, and disappeared for now nine days. His wife, Rachel believes that her husband Crew is dead, and decides to have a nine night ritual in his honor. In the play, the nine night ceremony explores what happened to Crew and to all the African ancestors through ritual spirit possession. Crew and the ancestors return to speak through the living from a 1792 capture on a slave ship off the coast of West Africa to Crew’s existence on a Jamaican sugar plantation in 1937.

An Echo in the Bone examines the burden of the greater crime: the crime of Crew killing the white plantation owner, or the crime of slavery against enslaved peoples that led to Crew killing Mas’ Charlie in defense of his family’s survival.

Tickets are free for Kent State University students, faculty and staff who show a valid KSU ID, general audiences will be admitted for $10.  Group reservations are by special arrangements and on a first come, first served basis.  For group reservations contact D. Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickson at dforbese@kent.edu or (330)672-0082.  Tickets can be purchased by visiting the African Community Theatre website or by contacting the Department of Pan-African Studies at (330) 672-2300 or in person at the Pan-African Studies main office room 127 Oscar Ritche Hall, 225 Terrace Drive between the hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Box office opens at 6:30 pm the night of the show.


For more information about upcoming performances, visit www.kent.edu/pas/act.  Photographed: Pan-African Theatre Ensemble: Front row: Rashedah Wahid, Lynda Mbala Mwakisha, Alicia Cleveland. Second row, J. L. Mooreshine, and Madison Ledyard-King. Back row: Daylon Hill, Tawandga Howell, and Mathew Bowen. Other members not in photo: C'Erra Wingo and Latoya Mwakisha.



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