Kent State University Airport Aviation Art Contest

Nestled in the community of Stow, Ohio, a special place awaits people who keep their eyes to the skies. A century ago in 1920, the Ohio Flying School and Transport Company officially incorporated and opened Stow Field which is now known today as the Kent State University Airport, Andrew Paton Field.

While some people use the airport to travel to other cities, many use the Kent State Airport to learn to fly and become professional pilots. On a visit you can often see aircraft, old and new, or even a beautiful hot air balloon soaring effortlessly over the land. Parachutists descending to earth under colorful canopies; ultralights and the fastest jets can all open a doorway to the world. For 100 years the Kent State University Airport has offered a world of adventure, excitement, and fun for those willing to take to the sky.

Now it is your turn to join in the fun!

Download the official Contest Rules blow.

Deadline : August 1st, 2020



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