Prototype Facility






1 Cleanroom(Cleanroom) LCM-CL The 2,500 sq. ft. clean room space houses a series of equipment necessary for prototyping advanced liquid crystal, micro- and nano- structured devices.  
2 Oriel Mask Aligner (Aligner) Oriel-UV Oriel Mask aligner for 7" mask / 6" substrate Oriel Mask Aligner image
3 Photolith Bench 7" (Photolith Bench) Photo-7" Wet bench for up to 7" substrate size; develop / etch / strip Photolith Bench 7" image
4 VPI Scriber (VPI) VPI-GS210 Villa Precision Automated Glass Scriber VPI Scriber image
5 Brewer Spincoater 7" (Brewer Sci Spinner) BSci-Cee-7" Brewer Science spincoater for up to 7" glass Brewer spincoater 7" image
6 Spacer Sprayer NEB-1 Spacer Sprayer, including nebulizer and enclosure
7 NuArc UV Exposure Tool (NuArc 1) NuArc NuArc UV Exposure Tool NuArc UV Exposure Tool image
8 ElectroLite UV (EL-UV) EL-UV ElectroLite portable UV source for adhesive curing
9 JA Woollam Spectroscopic Ellipsometer JAW-ELLIPSE JA Woollam Co Spectroscopic Ellopsometer JA Woollam Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
10 LC Technologies Vac Fill Chamber LC-Fill-1 LC Technologies vacuum filling chamber ("foosball" chamber) LC Technologies Vac Fill Chamber
11 MRC Sputter Coater (MRC Sputter) MRC-603III MRC 603III sputter coater for deposition of SiO2, ITO, Ni MRC Sputter image
12 Blue M PI Bake Oven (OVEN-2) OVEN-2 Blue M HEPA oven for PI bake, 240C max temp Oven 2 image
13 Solitec Spincoater (Solitec) Sol-Spin Solitec spincoater for up to 7"x7" substrate size Solitec Spincoater image
14 Ceramic vacuum chuck 12" (vac-chuck 12) vac_chuck_12 Photomachining 12" ceramic vacuum chuck for cell assembly Ceramic Vacuum Chuck image
15 Zenith Ultrasonic Tank (Zenith U/S) Z-U/S Zenith Ultrasonic Tank Cleaner Zenith Ultrasonic Tank image
16 VWR PI Bake Oven (OVEN-1) OVEN-1 VWR oven 300C max temp Oven 1 image
17 Asymtek XY dispenser (Asymtek 1) XYDispense-1 Asymtek A403 Programmable Dispenser. Asymtek XY image
18 Wet Bench: Glass Cleaning (GC Wet Bench) WB-GC Glass cleaning wet bench Wet Bench image
19 Bell Jar Filling Chamber (Bell Jar Fill) BJ-Fill Bell Jar vacuum fill chamber Bell Jar Fill image
20 End Seal Press (ESP) ESP-12 LC Technologies 12" End Seal Press ESP image
21 Inkjet Printer (Inkjet) Dimatix Dimatix desktop inket printer Inkjet image
22 DekTak Profilometer (DekTak) Dek DekTak 3030 profilometer DekTak image
23 Kurt Lesker Thermal Evaporator (SiOx Evaporator) SiOx Evap Kurt Lesker Thermal evaporator for oblique SiOx alignment layer deposition; in Room 178 SiOx Evaporator
24 Tencor Profilometer (Tencor) TENCOR PROF Tencor stylus profilometer, located in AFM Lab (Rm 109 LCM) Tencor image
25 Headway Spincoater 14" (Headway spinner) HEADWAY-SPIN Headway Research spincoater for up to 14" substrate size Headway spinner image
26 TNP Instruments Laser Repair Station (Laser Repair) TNP-Laser Laser ablation for ITO short repair Laser repair image
27 UVOCS UV-ozone Cleaner 1 (UVOCS-1) UVozone-1 UVOCS UV-ozone cleaner for advanced user area UVOCS-1 image
28 Karl Suss Mask Aligner (Karl Suss) Clean room Photomask aligner and UV exposure tool, collimated light Karl Suss image
29 LC Tex/Hornell Rub Machine (Hornell Rub) Hornell LC Tec/Hornell Automation Rub Machine for 7" or 14" glass Hornell Rub image
30 Asymtek2 Gasket Dispense (Asymtek2) Cleanroom Gasket dispense for front room prototyping circuit Asymtek2 image
31 Laurell Spin Coater1 (resist) SC1-PR Laurell Spin Coater for Photoresist in front room 4" plates and smaller resist image
32 Laurel Spin Coater2 (polyimide) SC2-PI Laurell Spin Coater for Photorsist in front room 4" plates and smaller polyimide image
33 Temescal e-beam deposition (Temescal) Temescal e-beam metal deposition coater in Standard Processes room of LCI Cleanroom Temescal image
34 Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE) RIE Reactive Ion Etcher machine for removal of organic films RIE image
35 4" Cleaning (4"-Zone1) 4"-Cleaning Branson Ultrasonic, Wet Bench 4, Drying Oven  
36 Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber (Q-Sun) Q-Sun Q-Sun Zenon Test Chamber / Solar Simulator Q-Sun image