The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

The GSC is composed of at least one (1) faculty member elected (by vote of all tenure-track (TT) and non-tenure track faculty (NTT) from each subdiscipline (cultural; biological; archaeological) in the Department. The chair of the GSC is a voting member of the committee and is appointed by the chair of the department. Both TT and NTT faculty can serve (be elected) and are eligible to vote on GSC membership which is determined by 80% voting approval on the ballot. In the event that no candidate from a subdiscipline receives 80% (or more) positive votes on the ballot, the candidate with the highest vote tally serves as that subdiscipline's sole representative. Membership (i.e., inclusion on the ballot) is voluntary. The election is to be held during the fall semester of every third year. The GSC is not necessarily limited to three members and may include additional members from any or all of the three subdisciplines, but in cases of more than three elected members numerical balance among the three subdisciplines is not required.  The chair of the GSC serves as the Graduate Coordinator, and is responsible for oversight of the Department’s graduate program.  The GSC reviews graduate faculty membership status annually and its recommendations are advisory to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Criteria for graduate faculty membership and the level of that membership are as specified in the University Policy Register 6-15.1. The GSC also reviews proposals for new graduate courses, changes in course content and related curricular matters, and conducts periodic reviews of the Department’s graduate program as a whole. The GSC also assumes the role of Curriculum Committee for graduate curriculum where necessary. The GSC is responsible for evaluating applications for admission, evaluating and recommending candidates for graduate appointments, and monitoring the progress and academic performance of graduate students in the Department. As part of the graduate admissions process, any faculty member may review candidates and provide a statement in support of each candidate’s case to the Graduate Studies Committee (via email to the Graduate Coordinator). A list of all applicants will be circulated to all faculty before the GSC meets to make decisions on applicants, and all faculty have access to the Banner imaging portal to view applications.