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Anthropology Student Organization

ASO was founded with the goal of connecting those that want to learn about & celebrate the complexities of humanity.
Being that anthropology is devoted to the study of human beings, this field encompasses a variety of interests. For example, global cultures, societal structure, what makes humans unique, history, archaeology, language, evolution, growth & development, community involvement, what connects people, etc.
ASO is involved in regular meetings, events, trips & community engagement geared toward such interests.


Meetings are typically in Lowry Hall every other Tuesday evening at 6:30. For a current schedule it is best to visit our social media accounts or join our mailing list. Feel free to email with questions or for more information.

Membership Requirements

Anyone may be involved with ASO, regardless of major. Our only requirement of members is that they conduct themselves respectfully; are accepting of others; and are regularly involved with meetings and functions.

Social Media

Facebook: Kent State Anthropology Student Organization

Twitter: ASO_KentState



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