Dr. Metin Eren receives the Dr. Terry Kuhn Undergraduate Advising Award!

2017 Dr. Terry Kuhn Distinguished Undergraduate Advising Award

Exemplary Faculty Advisor: Dr. Metin Eren

Award History

This is our third year presenting the Dr. Terry Kuhn Distinguished Undergraduate Advising Award, which was named in recognition of Dr. Terry Kuhn, former Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies.

Through direct involvement with University retention efforts, Dr. Kuhn recognized that outstanding classroom instruction and excellent academic advising are critical elements of student success. In the way that outstanding classroom instruction is recognized by the Distinguished Teacher Award (DTA), he felt that the paramount role of academic advising should also be recognized.  In 2001, the Kent State University Raymond Kuhn and Shirley Kuhn Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award was established to call attention to the quality advising for undergraduate students provided by full-time academic advisors and faculty advisors.  Today, the Dr. Terry Kuhn Distinguished Undergraduate Advising Award carries on that legacy of excellence by highlighting the outstanding contributions of our academic and faculty advisors. It gives our students a platform to recognize the contributions of an advisor and highlight the role that an advisor has played during their academic and personal journey towards graduation and life beyond.

This year, we received 85 total nominations including 71 nominations submitted by students.  Nominees represented all eight campuses as well as four academic disciplines.

When submitting a nomination, a nominator is asked to speak to an advisor’s performance in each of four areas:

•          Providing useful and timely information

•          Providing guidance and advocacy

•          Mentoring and Positive Support

•          Connecting Students to the Campus Community

Within each award criteria, students are asked to speak to the ways in which an advisor has gone above and beyond to support them. It is these impact statements and personal testimonials that our committee looks for when selecting the finalists and the Distinguished Advisor. The number of nominations received and the quality of those nominations are ultimately what guides the selection process.

An exemplary advisor is someone who embodies Kent State University’s advising guidelines and the NACADA core values for academic advising.  Someone who demonstrates a real commitment to the success of our students and who’s outstanding service is reflected in the powerful nominations submitted on their behalf by undergraduate students at this university.

Sample of nomination statements for Dr. Eren:

Providing Useful And Timely Information

“He has encouraged taking different classes and looking towards the future when more classes will be available. He also reminds students of different and interesting courses that will be available in future semesters as something to look forward to. He has also reminded us to be attentive to date and looking at what will work best for us. He isn't a true advisor but he cares deeply for his students and really is invested in their academics and their push towards graduating and majoring in what they want to major in.”

Guidance And Advocacy For Students

“He has encouraged myself and other students to be aware of areas on campus where we can be helped if need be. He pays close attention to his students and reminds each student of their options and obligations. He works to help his students stay on track and always places their academics above all else. He definitely advocates for study abroad, given he himself has travel abroad. He reminds others it is both a wonderful experience and a good way to really learn things about other groups and yourself.”

Mentoring and Positive Support

“Dr. Eren has made an area in which every student feels safe and comfortable being themselves. He's created a no judgement area in which everyone is equal and free to express themselves how they see fit. He's also allowed students to work on realizing their dreams by opening up his lab to hopeful Archaeologists, by allowing us to help in research and studies to better our understanding of the field. He is incredibly helpful with feedback giving constructive criticism in a kind and informative manner. He's always so helpful and kind and definitely takes the time to get to know his students.”

Connecting Students to the Campus Community

“He has helped me not to meet with any clubs but to meet with like-minded people who are all aspiring Archaeologists. A group of dedicated and incredibly diverse individuals who are all doing something they love. He's opened the lab to all of us and has helped us work together and work individually on projects that are interesting and informative. I have never felt closer to Kent than when I'm in the lab and working on projects with the other students. He is one reason I feel so at home here at Kent. He's made a place for me to be happy, work, and learn. Kent feels like my home and he has helped to make it that way for me and for others, he may be new but he definitely is doing good work already.”

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