Our 2019 Forensic Archaeology Field School is in full swing

ANTH 48093 Forensic Archaeology Field School is offered every other year during the fall semester and is taught by Dr. Linda Spurlock. This course is one of the electives in our Forensic Anthropology minor.

This semester-long mock crime scene exercise is designed to teach students the procedures of forensic archaeology and as an introduction to comparative mammalian osteology.  Student archaeologists gain excavation skills by carefully digging up articulated pig skeletons.  The pigs are proxies for humans buried in clandestine graves.  After unearthing bones, clothing and artifacts from within the burial pits, these items are taken back to the lab, washed and analyzed.  Students work in teams to unravel the mystery of each ‘victim’s’ age, sex and socioeconomic status (primarily through clothing and items found in pockets) and try to determine the manner and cause of death.

These photographs are from the field phase.  Stay tuned for lab analysis pictures, as we get a better look at the bones and clothing.




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