Applied Translation Research Application

The following is an FAQ Sheet for TRST 60298 Applied Translation Research.


Applied Translation Research (1-3) Work experience (Practicum) in translation or interpreting in a corporate, translation bureau or freelance setting, supervised by a faculty member. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: MCLS 60010 and permission from Graduate Coordinator.


You must notify the Graduate Coordinator that you intend to apply for Applied Translation Research before you begin the practicum. You may receive practicum credit during the academic year or during the summer between your first and second years in the program. You are responsible for arranging the practicum yourself, although faculty members are often involved. You may enroll in Applied Translation Research while you are doing the practicum or after it has been completed. If you do the practicum during the summer and enroll for Applied Translation Research during the summer, you will be responsible for paying summer tuition for the course. However, if you enroll in the Fall after you have completed the work, or in the Spring, your tuition waiver, if you have one, will cover the cost of the course. Whenever you enroll in Applied Translation Research, you must have permission from the Graduate Coordinator before you do the actual practicum.


The amount of credit awarded usually depends on the amount of work accomplished. The University requires a minimum of 45 contact hours for a 3-credit course.


You are required to keep a journal and to maintain e-mail correspondence with the graduate coordinator during the practicum. At the end of the practicum, you are required to complete a short report (2-4 pages) and to submit a portfolio of your work.


Please visit the Office of Global Education for more information.


In order to enroll in Individual Investigation or Research, the student must:
  1. Have completed at least six (6) hours of coursework, 4 credits of which must be from MCLS 60010 Theory of Translation and appropriate FR, GER, SPAN, JAPN, or RUSS Practice of Translation;
  2. Have an overall CPA of 3.2 (graduate);
  3. Submit a description of the project on the Applied Translation Research form.
  4. Agree that a portfolio of all work accomplished during the practicum will be submitted for evaluation to the Graduate Coordinator who will act as the practicum supervisor. The portfolio is the basis for evaluation of the course and should include a summary sheet indicating the actual work hours completed. No grade will be given if the portfolio is not received by the Director before the end of the relevant grading period.
  5. Secure the approval of the Graduate Coordinator (See Applied Translation Research Form).