Corpus Research

Many of us at Kent State University are working toward making corpus use part of the general translational competence of translation trainees, and are ourselves, as trainers, exploring the many possible applications. Ultimately, one objective is to foster applied corpus linguistics and help generalize the use of corpora outside of academia—by practicing translators and other industry professionals.

We would welcome any collaborations, mutual links to homepages, or feedback so that we can continue to develop.

Our goals for this page are several:

  • To introduce, or further introduce, electronic corpora as a resource for practicing and emerging translators, students of  translation, translator trainers, and researchers in translation studies and interrelated disciplines
  • To design, refine, and share tasks that bring corpora to bear on authentic translation tasks—refining awareness, attesting natural language phenomena, and deducing text type features
  • To assist the development of corpora location, compilation, enhancement, theorization, and to work toward defining the role of corpora as aids in translation documentation, translation, and quality assurance
  • To highlight trends in the field, help shape research agendas, and indicate areas in need of critical attention or corpus  resources
  •  To bring together relevant information about ongoing projects, work groups, and conferences both at Kent State and  elsewhere
  • To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, including interviews with pioneers of corpus use in translation, interdisciplinary dialogues with neighboring fields such as ESL, and user group forums related to different aspects of corpus use