Faculty and Staff

Name Language Research Areas

Erik Angelone

German Translation

Translation Process Research, Intercultural Communication, Coordinator Distance Learning

Brian Baer

Russian Translation

Literary & Cultural Translation, Translation History

Tanya Bystrova

Russian Translation

Literary & Cultural Translation

Sharon M. Bell

French Translation

Francophone Literature

Loubna Bilali

French and Arabic Translation

Localization, Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology Studies

Michael Carl


HumanTranslation Process Research,Computer-Assisted Translation,  Machine Translation, Translation Technology, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Human-Computer Interface, Man-Machine Interaction.


Keiran Dunne

French Translation

Software, Website and Multimedia Localization; Project Management; Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology Studies; Quality Management

Cindy Hazelton

French Translation

Legal Translation

Karil Klayko


Administrative Assistant

Geoffrey Koby

German Translation

Empirical Translation Studies, Evaluation & Assessment of Translation

Isabel Lacruz

Spanish Translation

Translation and Cognition, Empirical Methods

Carol Maier (Emerita)

Spanish Translation

Literary & Cultural Translation, Translation Theory, Translation Pedagogy

Françoise Massardier-Kenney

French Translation

Literary & Cultural Translation, Translation Theory, Translation Pedagogy

Said M. Shiyab

Arabic Translation

Translation Theory, Cross and Inter-cultural Communication, Literary Translation, Translation Assessment, and Research Methods

Gregory M. Shreve (Emeritus)

German Translation

Translation Theory, Empirical Translation Studies, Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology Studies, Terminology Studies, Software Engineering

Joanna Trzeciak

Russian Translation

Literary and Cultural Translation, Translation Theory

Judy Wakabayashi

Japanese Translation

Translation History, Translation Theory, Translation Pedagogy

Richard Kelly Washbourne

Spanish Translation

Translation Pedagogy, Literary and Cultural Translation, Contemporary Latin American Literature

Sue Ellen Wright (Emerita)


German Translation

Translation Theory, Scientific & Technical Translation, Terminology Studies, Computer-Assisted Terminology