Institute Members

Name Language Research Areas

Erik Angelone

German Translation

Translation Process Research, Intercultural Communication, Coordinator Distance Learning

Tanya Bystrova

Russian Translation

Literary & Cultural Translation

Sharon M. Bell

French Translation

Francophone Literature

Loubna Bilali

French and Arabic Translation

Localization, Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology Studies

Michael Carl


Director of CRITT

Human Translation Process Research, Computer-Assisted Translation, Machine Translation, Translation Technology, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Human-Computer Interface, Man-Machine Interaction.


Keiran Dunne

French Translation

Software, Website and Multimedia Localization; Project Management; Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology Studies; Quality Management

Cindy Hazelton

French Translation

Legal Translation

Karil Klayko


Administrative Assistant

Isabel Lacruz

Spanish Translation

Translation and Cognition, Empirical Methods

Françoise Massardier-Kenney

French Translation

Literary & Cultural Translation, Translation Theory, Translation Pedagogy

Said M. Shiyab

Arabic Translation

Translation Theory, Cross and Inter-cultural Communication, Literary Translation, Translation Assessment, and Research Methods

Gregory M. Shreve (Emeritus)

German Translation

Translation Theory, Empirical Translation Studies, Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology Studies, Terminology Studies, Software Engineering