Major IAL Research Grants and Projects


Project: National Science Digital Library 

Researchers: G. Shreve, L. Bartolo, A. Powell, M. Zeng
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Date: 2001-2006

Project: SALT: Standards-based Access Service to Multilingual Lexicons and Terminologies

Researchers: G. Budin, D. Lonsdale, A. Melby, S. E. Wright
Sponsor: Microsoft Corporation, Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)      
Date: 1999-2002     

Project: Interdisciplinary Research Initiative For The Study of the Internationalization and Localization of Software and Electronically-Delivered Information Content

Researchers: G. Shreve, J. Khan, G. Koby, C. Nieman, S.E. Wright, M. Zeng
Sponsor: Ohio Board of Regents Research Challenge
Date: 1999-2001     

Project: Demonstration and Dissemination Project D2: Tele-Rehabilitation: Social Support and A Test of Cognitive Rehabilitation on the Internet

Researchers: B. Diamond, M. Johnston, G. Shreve
Sponsor: National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
Date: 1998-2000