Program Requirements & Courses for Online M.A. in Translation

This program requires 36 semester hours of coursework over two years for full-time students, including a case study in translation. 

At the end of the program, students are able to demonstrate and to apply fundamental concepts of computer-assisted translation, translation theory, terminology management and localization.

Roadmap of Degree Completion for Full-Time Students

Roadmap of Degree Completion for Part-Time Students


The sequence of courses in the online M.A. in Translation is listed below.  

  • A student's time commitment on coursework depends on how they work, but the rule of thumb is that each credit hour of class work requires two to three hours outside of class each week.
  • The program always starts in the fall semester. Students cannot begin the program in the spring and courses are not offered in the summer. 

Year 1, Semester 1

  • TRST 60001: Graduate Research and Writing (3 credits)
  • TRST 60009: Documents in Multilingual Contexts (2 credits)
  • TRST 60010: Theory of Translation and Interpreting (2 credits)
  • ARAB 67010/FR 63010/GER 61010/JAPN 65010/RUSS 62010/SPAN 68010: Practice of Translation (2 credits)

Year 1, Semester 2

  • TRST 60011: Terminology and Computer Applications in Translation (3 credits)
  • TRST 50031: Professional Editing for Translators (3 credits)*
  • ARAB 67251/FR 63251/GER61251/JAPN65251/RUS 62251/SPAN 68251: Scientific/Technical/Medical Translation (3 credits)

Year 2, Semester 3

  • TRST 60012: Software Localization (3 credits)
  • TRST 60031: Intercultural Communication in the Language Industry (3 credits)
  • ARAB 67240/FR 63240/GER 61240/JAPN 65240/RUSS 62240/SPAN 68240: Literary and Cultural Translation (3 credits)

Year 2, Semester 4

  • TRST 60013: Language Project Management (3 credits)*
  • ARAB 67250/FR 63250/GER61250/JAPN 65250/RUSS 62250/SPAN 68250: Commercial/Legal/Diplomatic Translation (3 credits)
  • ARAB 67979/FR 63979/ GER 61979/ RUSS 62979/ SPAN 68979/ JAPN 65979: Case Study in Translation (3 credits)

* Recommended electives.


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