Student Resumes

Graduate Student Translator Resumes for the Annual ATA Conference

All translation graduate students who will be finishing their M.A. studies each May are invited to submit their translation resumes for the packet of student resumes to be handed out at the ATA conference the preceding fall.

The Institute for Applied Linguistics normally has a publicity booth in the Exhibit Hall at the ATA conference each year. Packets of student resumes are available for interested potential employers, and they have been very popular in past years. Don’t miss your chance to market yourself to dozens of interested people! (You do not have to be attending the conference.)

Requirements: Your resume must include the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information (address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail contacts). Use your personal numbers, not the departmental numbers. NOTE: These resumes will also be posted on the KSU website for one year. Please use the contact information that you intend to use in your professional life and do not mind having on the web.
  2. Your language pair(s), prominently near the top.
  3. In the education section: “Master of Arts in Translation (language), Kent State University, Expected May 20xx.”
  4. Your job objective (freelance, project manager, position in a translation firm, intern, etc.)
  5. Use black and white.

All resumes must fit on one page. Only the first page of multiple-page resumes will be duplicated.

Deliver a final printed copy (print-out, black-and-white) of your one-page resume to Dr. Koby’s physical mailbox in the office by the deadline in October of each year. (No emailed resumes will be accepted.) If you work in more than one language pair, provide a copy for each pair.

Volunteers are needed to carry the resume packets to the conference site. Please contact Dr. Koby if you can take a stack of packets.