Subject Area Specialty Study Abroad

(French Translation BS: 30 credits; German Translation BS: 30 credits: Russian Translation BS: 33 hours; Spanish Translation B.S.: 27 hours)

Option 1: Single Subject Specialty

A single subject area or a combination of relevant courses approved by the Departmental B.S. Coordinator (a minor, double major, or dual degree is acceptable here)

Possible Specialties include, but are not limited to the following: Accounting, Advertising, Aeronautics, Anthropology, Applied Mathematics, Architecture, Biological Sciences, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Business, Business Management, Cartography, Chemistry, Climatology, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Conservation, Criminal Justice Studies, Earth Science, Economics, Electronic Media
Electronic Technology, Finance, Flight Technology, Geography, Geology, Industrial Technology, International Business, International Relations Courses (subject to 21 hour rule), Justice Studies, Latin American Studies (Spanish Translation majors), Management, Management and Industrial Studies, Marketing, Mathematics, Media Sales/Management, Medical Technology, North Atlantic Security Studies, Nursing, Operations Management, Paralegal Studies, Physics, Political Science, Public Relations, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Radio and Television, Soviet and East European Studies (Russian Translation majors), Technology, Zoology,

and selected KSU Regional Campus Technology Majors/Minors/Associate degrees


Option 2: Foreign Language plus Subject

Up to 17 credits of a second foreign language:
Elementary I / II – 8
Intermediate I / II – 6
Composition/Conversation – 3
Plus a single subject area or a combination of relevant courses approved by the Departmental B.S. Coordinator (a minor may fit here)

Note: the number of Subject Area credits required for Option 2 will vary depending on how many language courses are taken.


Option 3: Double B.S. in Translation (Two Languages plus Subject)

The student is registered for a double major in two B.S. in Translation degrees (e.g., French & Spanish). Each major's language courses through Composition/Conversation can be counted as part of the other language's Subject Area Specialty (up to 17 credits) as in Option 2. The remaining courses of the Subject Area Specialty shown below will be counted for both majors.