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Academic Programs

Art Education

The program of Art Education certifies students for pre-K- 12 Visual Art licensure. Through learner-centered pedagogy, students are prepared to engage learners in the complete artistic process of thinking-- perceptual, imaginative, formative, expressive, and communicative-- by combining a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas. Students organize and evaluate teaching activities for creating and analyzing works of art and design from contemporary and part cultures with deep understanding of how to meet the needs of all students and an understanding of the value of diversity


The Foundations Program in the School of Art at Kent State is a series of courses that reveal the underlying visual rules and artistic strategies that run throughout all of our School’s majors. Foundations projects are often faster paced, unpredictable, and are not specific to a particular material or process. Foundations projects frequently challenge students to transform cheap, free, or found materials into extraordinary new compositions and push students to work in new ways.

No matter what level of experience our students bring with them, by working with varying materials, sizes, time limits, and environments, each student’s comfort zone rapidly expands to encompass new creative territory. Experimentation, collaboration, and online resources like our Foundations Program website create a shared experience that introduces students to each other and to the breadth of experiences ahead in the School of Art.

Studio Art

The Studio Art major offers abundant opportunities for students to work with a variety of media with guidance from our talented faculty. Studio concentrations include ceramics, drawing, glass, jewelry/metals/enameling, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and textiles.  Students work with traditional and non-traditional materials while learning contemporary art concepts.  Additionally, a new school-wide digital fabrication studio is accessible to all majors.  Students are encouraged to work across disciplines and employ a contemporary approach to art making, assisting our students in defining what it means to be an artist and a maker in the 21st century.

Art History

The art history major examines both the creative expressions of individual artists and the cultures that supported them, encompassing both Western and non-Western traditions. In addition, students enrolled in the degree program will have a wellspring of forms, symbols and ideas to stimulate their own creative endeavors. The program provides a strong foundation for the successful pursuit of advanced degrees and other opportunities in the field, including teaching, research, publishing and curating.