Facilities/Print Media & Photography

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Printmaking studios are located on the third floor of The Center for the Visual Arts. The complex consists of approximately 5,000 square feet of studio space, with separate facilities for lithography and serigraphy, as well as a large main shop area (1,850 square feet) for intaglio and relief printing. In addition, the department maintains a graduate studio area and a darkroom with an 18” x 24” copy camera.  Students can explore traditional and experimental photography in the state-of-the-art darkroom and develop print matrices at the school’s digital fabrication lab.

Three lithography presses (34” x 54”; 26” x 38”; and 24” x 40”), four etching presses (28” x 60”; 28” x 48”; 18” x 30” and 44” x 84”), a small hydraulic press and a one-arm vacuum printing unit (36”x 48”) for serigraphy are housed in the department. Lithography stones, large rollers for intaglio and a 24” x 36” dry-mount press for lamination, electrostatic heat transfers, etc., are also available in the studios.