KBAI 2020

Postponed until further notice. Check back for updates.

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This year, we are offering four courses for our annual Kent Blossom Art Intensives (KBAI), featuring an exciting array of visiting artists and resident faculty.  Each intensive is specific to one medium and this year we are offering courses in painting, ceramics, print media, and sculpture and expanded media. Participants will work in the studio seven days a week, Sunday - Saturday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. with access to studio space, labs, equipment and tools at the Center for the Visual Arts at Kent State University.

Postponed until further notice.

KBAI provides students and individual artists with two weeks of focused learning, experimentation and creation under the guidance of experienced artists from around the country.  Students may continue their explorations of the medium most familiar to them; experienced artists are equally encouraged to discover new modes of creating.  Similar to an artist residency, participants create a self-directed body of artwork and have the additional benefits of open discussions and professional mentorship. At the end of the two weeks, all participants will have the chance to show the work they created in a gallery exhibition at the Center for the Visual Arts.

Undergraduate and graduate students at Kent State University or other colleges or universities may take any course for credit.  Students can earn 3 undergraduate credits or 3-4 graduate credits in each intensive.  Kent Blossom Art Intensives are also open to individual artists at a non-credit tuition rate at $1100.  **Refund Policy:  Must have 7 days notice prior to the start of the program of withdrawal intention in order to receive full refund.  No exceptions.

See the links below for more information on each course, the visiting artists and how to apply. Housing is available upon request.

KBAI Admissions Information

Three prints - left to right - Delita Martin, Julia Lucey and J. Leigh Garcia

Print Media - Pattern and Collage

Resident Faculty: J. Leigh Garcia

Visiting Artists: Delita Martin and Julia Lucey

Working closely with visiting artists and resident faculty, participants will investigate the multiple with emphasis on pattern and collage. Intaglio, Relief, and Lithography processes will be demonstrated in this two-week intensive to create images in print. With access to a fully equipped intaglio, relief, lithography, serigraphy, and digital print studio, participants will have the ability to combine print processes in their self-directed work.

Sculptures by Douglas Rieger, Eli Kessler and Chris Mahonski

Sculpture - Investigations in Traditional and Digital Media

Resident Faculty – Eli Kessler

Visiting Artists - Christopher Mahonski and Douglas Rieger

Participants in this two-week summer intensive will explore traditional hands-on sculpting processes along with digital sculpting techniques. Those enrolled in the course will work closely with the visiting artists and resident faculty to develop self-directed artwork. Resident artists and faculty will conduct a variety of demonstrations including wood carving, mold making, casting, and 3D computer-aided design. Participants will have access to the Sculpture wood shop, metal shop, mold making lab, digital fabrication lab and the School of Art computer lab.

Three paintings - left to right - Sarah Slappey, Shawn K Powell, Angela Heisch

Painting - Individual Investigations

Resident Faculty – Shawn Powell

Visiting Artists – Angela Heisch and Sarah Slappey

During this two-week intensive, participants will explore formal and conceptual painting- and drawing-related topics in close consultation with the resident instructor and visiting artists. Participants will receive invaluable knowledge from experienced, well-established artists with sensibilities in both abstraction and representation. This intensive is designed to help develop and further self-driven ideas and concepts, while also receiving expert instruction on the formal properties of painting and drawing.

Three ceramics works by Steven Young Lee, Peter Christian Johnson, and David Hicks

Ceramics - Materials, Methods, Meaning

Resident Faculty – Peter Christian Johnson

Visiting Artists – Steven Young Lee and David Hicks

This summer studio intensive focuses on how material and process informs the content of an artist's work. Each visiting artist will give demonstrations, share their process, and give insight into how exploration in the studio leads to an organic discovery of the ideas that drive the artwork. Students will explore and create their own independent projects while drawing inspiration from watching and working alongside the visiting artists.