Kent Blossom Art 2015

Visiting Artist: Jennifer Angus


Lecture: June 9, 2015*

On Campus Dates:

June 8 - June 11



Diary of a Mad Scientist and Insect Collector (detail)
Heteropteryx dilatata, Phyllium giganteum,
Pomponia imperatoria,Tosena splendida,
various insects,  pins, and frames.
Art Gallery of Sudbury, Sudbury, ON, Canada, 2010



Visiting Artist: Michael Radyk  


Lecture: June 16, 2015*

On Campus Dates:

June 15 - June 18


Swan Point (flocked again)
vinyl coated recycled polyester, wool, linen,
rayon flock technique, Jacquard woven,
quadruple cloth cut and manipulated
55"x 70"x 6"




Visiting Artist: Ati Maier


Lecture: May 15, 2015*

On Campus Dates:

May 15 - May 17