Kent Blossom Art Intensives 2019

This year, we are offering seven courses for our annual Kent Blossom Art Intensives (KBAI), featuring an exciting array of visiting artists and resident faculty.  Each intensive is specific to one medium and this year we are offering courses in painting, ceramics, glass, print media, sculpture and expanded media, jewelry/metals/enameling, and textiles. 

KBAI provides students and individual artists with two weeks of focused learning, experimentation and creation under the guidance of experienced artists from around the country.  Students may continue their explorations of the medium most familiar to them; experienced artists are equally encouraged to discover new modes of creating.  Similar to an artist residency, participants create a self-directed body of artwork and have the additional benefits of open discussions and professional mentorship.

Undergraduate and graduate students at Kent State University or other colleges or universities may take any course for credit.  Students can earn 3 undergraduate credits or 3-4 graduate credits in each intensive.  Kent Blossom Art Intensives are also open to individual artists at a non-credit tuition rate.  

See the links below for more information on each course, the visiting artists and how to apply.

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Painting - Individual Investigations

Individual Investigations in Painting, May 26 - June 8, 2019, Resident Faculty Shawn Powell, Visiting Artists, Holly Coulis and Patrick Berran

Resident Faculty – Shawn Powell, Visiting Artists – Holly Coulis and Patrick Berran

During this two-week intensive, participants will explore formal and conceptual painting and drawing related topics, helping to cultivate personal sensibility in close consultation with the resident instructor and renowned visiting artists.  Participants will receive invaluable knowledge from experienced, well-established artists with sensibilities in both abstraction and representation.  This intensive is designed to help develop personal ideas and concepts, while receiving expert instruction on the formal properties of painting and drawing.

Print Media - Art and Ecology

Art and Ecology, May 26 - June 8, 2019, Resident Faculty - Taryn McMahon, Visiting artists - Emily Arthur and Valerie Hammond

Resident Faculty – Taryn McMahon, Visiting Artists – Valerie Hammond and Emily Arthur

Participants will explore ecologies through the expanded field of print, including installation, multiples, books, and/or digital processes. Over the course of two weeks, students will create a self-directed body of artwork while working closely with resident faculty, visiting artists, and fellow students.  Participants will have access to the spacious and well-equipped print media and photography studio for the duration of this intensive.

Sculpture - Individual Investigations and Metal Casting

Individual Investigations and Metal Casting for Sculpture and Expanded Media, May 26-June8, 2019; Resident Faculty – Isabel Farnsworth, Visiting Artists - Raine Bedsole and Todd Slaughter

Resident Faculty – Isabel Farnsworth, Visiting Artists - Raine Bedsole and Todd Slaughter

Participants will work closely with visiting artists and resident faculty during this two-week course, focusing on self-directed work. In addition to the variety of materials and processes available in the sculpture studio, artists will have the opportunity to use the foundry to cast bronze and aluminum elements using sand casting, lost foam and direct hand-carving methods.

Glass - Hot Sculpting and Assemblage Techniques

Glass Hot Sculpting and Assemblage Techniques, May 26-June8, 2019, Resident Faculty - Davin Ebanks, Visiting Artists - de la Torre Brothers

Resident Faculty – Davin Ebanks, Visiting Artists – de la Torre Brothers (Einar and Jamex de la Torre)

Participants in this two-week intensive will learn hot-sculpting methods for glass, including bit-working sculpture with color in the hot shop. Assemblage techniques, including the use of cast resin components will be demonstrated by the visiting artists. 

Ceramics - Rethinking the Vessel

Rethinking the Vessel, May 26 - June 8, 2019, Resident Faculty - Peter Christian Johnson, Visiting Artists - Joanna Powell and Judith Salomon

Resident Faculty - Peter Christian Johnson, Visiting Artists - Judith Salomon and Joanna Powell

This summer intensive will focus on thinking about the vessel more broadly and learning to express your personal voice though the things you make.  Each of the visiting artists for this summer’s session engage with the long history of the ceramic vessel while interweaving their practice with painting, sculpture, architecture and pottery. Students will draw inspiration from the dynamic interdisciplinary practice of the visiting artists to create an independent body of work that exposes their unique way of seeing the world.

Textiles - Weaving: Picture and Pattern

Textiles - Weaving: Picture and Pattern, June 9 - 22, 2019, Resident Faculty - Janice Lessman Moss, Visiting Artists - Samantha Bittman and Chinami Ricketts

Resident Faculty – Janice Lessman-Moss, Visiting Artists – Samantha Bittman and Chinami Ricketts

New weave structures and techniques will be introduced during this two-week course with a focus on image making and developing a personal approach to color, pattern, and material. Participants will also create weavings using the unique resist dying technique of Japanese kasuri.

Jewelry/Metals/Enameling - Imagery in Enameling

Jewelry/Metals/Enameling - Imagery in Enameling June 9-22, 2019, Resident Faculty - Andrew Kuebeck, Visiting Artist - Marissa Saneholtz

Resident Faculty – Andrew Kuebeck, Visiting Artist – Marissa Saneholtz

Participants will learn how to incorporate imagery into enameling while exploring and finding direction for their own body of work. A variety of techniques will be demonstrated, including saw and solder champlevé.  Fully-equipped metalsmithing and enameling studios will be available for use, including a large-scale Vcella enameling kiln.