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Masters of Arts in Art History

The Master of Arts in Art History program emphasizes obtaining a comprehensive view of world art and specializing in one area for the thesis.  In addition to the five full-time faculty, visiting professors from departments in cognate fields and from other institutions are invited to present a variety of courses as special topic offerings. Applicants to the graduate program should have a strong undergraduate record with evidence of course work in the history of western art and knowledge of at least one foreign language.  Experience and demonstrated ability in research and writing are essential.

Program Outline 26 hours – course work in Art History 3 hours – elective             6 hours – ART 67199, M.A. Thesis 35 total       


  • A reading knowledge of either French, German or other approved foreign language is required.  The language requirement may be satisfied one of two ways:
  1. A student may take seven hours of a special course (German 61901 and 61902, “Reading German for Graduate Students”; or French 63201 and 63202, “Reading French for Graduate Students”) and make a B average; for other foreign languages, arrangements to verify a reading competency must be made.
  2. A student may take a four semester sequence of language and pass a proficiency exam.
  •  Applicants are expected to have an undergraduate background in Art History and a 2.75 overall grade point average. 


  • You are required to take one course in each of the following areas of Art History:  Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance-Baroque, Modern and Non-Western.  The 3 hours of electives can be a course in Art History or in another discipline.  The two-hour Art History Methods (ARTH 52095) is required.
  • At least one “Graduate Student Only” seminar or special topics course must be taken. Two (2) are recommended. 
  • Once coursework is complete, a candidacy exam must be passed to continue in the program.
  • A written timetable for the completion of the thesis must be submitted within two months of successfully completing the M.A. exam.

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