Dr. Robin Vande Zande Receives Three NAEA Awards

Kent State University professor, Dr. Robin Vande Zande, has received three awards this year from the National Art Education Association (NAEA) for outstanding achievement in the field of art and design education.  She has been recognized as the 2018 National Higher Education Art Educator and the 2018 Western Region Higher Education Art Educator in addition to being inducted as a NAEA Distinguished National Fellow. Additionally, she has received one state-level award from Ohio Art Education Association (Higher Educator of the Year) and one from the Kent State Alumni Association (Distinguished Teaching Award), both awarded in 2017. Dr. Vande Zande is currently full professor of art education at Kent State’s School of Art where her focus is on design education. The awards will be presented at the NAEA National Convention in Seattle, WA, March 22-24, 2018.  

The NAEA awards are determined through a peer review of nominations, recognizing the exemplary contributions, service, and achievements of an outstanding NAEA member annually at the regional and/or national level within their division. In a press release, NAEA President Kim Huyler Defibaugh states, "This award is being given to recognize excellence in professional accomplishment and service by a dedicated art educator. Robin Vande Zande exemplifies the highly qualified art educators active in education today: leaders, teachers, students, scholars, and advocates who give their best to their students and the profession."

Dr. Vande Zande is also the co-founder of the DESIGN-ED organization. She has researched and published many articles on teaching design to Pre-K-12 grade students and is currently overseeing a writing team on creating national standards in design education. Her book, “Design Education: Creating Thinkers to Improve the World” (2016), is a resource on teaching design to Pre-K-12 students.

“The College of the Arts benefits greatly from the educational and research successes of Dr. Robin Vande Zande and we are extremely proud of her accomplishments as an art educator and proponent of art and design thinking in the K-12 arena and beyond.  Dr. Vande Zande is an exemplary faculty member and colleague who is actively engaged in the School, College and University,” said Dean of the College of the Arts at Kent State University, Dr. John Crawford-Spinelli. Marie Bukowski, Director of Kent State’s School of Art states, “The School of Art is proud of Robin Vande Zande’s accomplishments and the prestige she brings to the School and to Kent State University. Her project-based learning initiatives are always positively received by students. Professor Vande Zande has an outstanding reputation as a teacher and is knowledgeable, well-informed, professional, and engaging to the students in the class. In her courses, students learn comprehensive knowledge of collaborative design thinking and its application to teaching; a unique facet of the art education program. We look forward to her continued success as an educator in the field of education.”

About the NAEA Distinguished Fellows: The National Art Education Association (NAEA) is the largest creative community established exclusively for visual arts educators, college professors, researchers, administrators, and museum educators. Distinguished Fellows of the National Art Education Association are members of the NAEA who are recognized for their service to the Association and to the profession. They demonstrate a profile of accomplishment that extends across several criteria including exemplary teaching, research, scholarship or professional service.  There are approximately 100 living Distinguished Fellows in the organization of 20,000 members.

POSTED: Monday, March 19, 2018 - 12:11pm
UPDATED: Monday, March 19, 2018 - 1:53pm