Mahwish Chishty Shows at New Ford Foundation Gallery

Mahwish Chishty, Assistant Professor of Foundations, is exhibiting in a group show called PERILOUS BODIES at the new Ford Foundation Gallery in New York City.  The exhibition will be on view from March 5 through May 11, 2019.  The gallery is located in the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice and will show artists who use social practice and themes of social justice in their work.

The space promises to “shine a light on artwork that wrestles with difficult questions, calls out injustice, and points the way toward a more fair and just future.”  PERILOUS BODIES, the inaugural exhibition for the gallery, explores the inhumanity and injustice created by divisions of gender, race, class, and ethnicity. The artists in the exhibition offer a raw and honest look at the issues we must address head-on to ensure dignity for all.  Chishty will be showing her work alongside eighteen other artists, including Dread Scott, Barthélémy Toguo, Guillermo Galindo, and Tiffany Chung.  

Image: Mahwish Chishty, 406 hellfire missiles, Cast foam painted with Black 2.0, 2017

POSTED: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 3:09pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 3:51pm