A Message from the Director

Dear School of Art Community:

Marie Bukowski, Director of the School of Art profile photo
This spring semester resulted in hundreds of our students and faculty contributing to innovative research in response to the global crisis. They have all demonstrated the values and ideals that make this School truly exceptional. I am so proud of the faculty who shifted all 258 courses to remote instruction in a matter of days and the students who responded with unwavering commitment to meet these challenges. Despite these obstacles, the School of Art has a strong graduating class of both undergraduate and graduate students. 

This pandemic continues to shape our world and disrupt our lives, but it does not alter our commitment to our students. The spirit of determination and ingenuity has been illuminated and brought to the forefront of our community. 

Careful stewardship of our resources will allow us to carry out our mission and vision, which advance our artistic and academic initiatives through rigorous instruction and engaged research. We must use the same level of determination and ingenuity that we had for instruction and apply it to our long-term strategies to manage resources. 

As we approach fall semester, we face reality of the variables that impact our future planning. Our social distancing efforts are working; however, given that the School of Art includes a global cohort of artists, educators, and scholars, we must consider the overall pandemic’s spread as well as testing and other protocols that are critical for a safe return to campus. 

Current planning is taking place for remote/online instruction and hybrid instruction. Remote instruction will continue what we have been implementing, but there may be opportunity to resume some significant research activity on campus. Hybrid instruction will allow for both in-person and remote instruction. This allows us to deliver an education that implements social distancing and works with materials for tacit knowledge, an important part of a visual arts education. 

Artists have a long history of meeting challenges head-on and we will continue to work as we do with this fortitude that is our trademark. Each and every School of Art community member has contributed to our important work and I am humbled by everyone’s tireless spirit. 

We stand ready to resume our on-campus operations and in-person activities. We will get there together. 



Marie Bukowski
Director & Professor

POSTED: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 2:42pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 2:45pm