Scholarship Winners for Spring 2019

The School of Art is pleased to announce the scholarship winners for the spring 2019 cycle.  Students are chosen for scholarships based on portfolios, written essays, GPA and financial need, depending on the individual scholarship specifications. The fall 2019 scholarship applications will open on January 18, 2019 with a deadline of March 8, 2019.  Scholarship awards are available for students in all School of Art majors as well as incoming freshmen. For more information, please visit our scholarship website

School of Art Undergraduate Scholarship

Logan Bruni - $1000

Sarah Kronz - $500

Madison Miller - $500

Brooke Pandrea - $500

Jacob Sagan - $500

Colton Brown - $250

Emily Schmidt - $250

Michael Hausknecht - $250

Vincent J. Stark Scholarship in Painting and Drawing        

Sarah Kronz (undergraduate) - $1500

Ryan Morris (graduate) - $1500

Denise Rhea Adams Study Abroad Scholarship  

Megan Zanin - $5000