Scott Goss Illuminates Worthington Yards with LED Sculpture

Scott Goss illuminated sculpture made of light-up tubing on a rooftop garden. A woman is standing inside of it.
Scott Goss
(M.F.A. '14, Glass) recently completed an illuminated sculpture installed in the rooftop garden of Worthington Yards in Cleveland. The sculpture features a single linear polycarbonate tubing that wraps the walkway of the deck entrance. Within the tubing are more than 10,000 leds that lighten the pathway in a gradient of colors. The design of the form is based on the variety of truss rail bridges visible from the garden. Goss was commissioned to create this sculpture by The Yards Project

Additionally, he will being showing the work he did as an Akron Soul Train resident this summer. The exhibition "The Surreal Real" will be on view at AST gallery in downtown Akron starting Sept. 2 alongside fellow resident Timothy Gaewsky. Goss began his residency in March, intending to expand on his engineered, interactive installation pieces with surreal video-based environments. His pieces encouraged viewers to climb, lay or crawl inside his installations to view video projections. Soon after his residency began, the pandemic required us all to “shut-down”, and everyone experienced a restructuring of reality. Goss’ work addresses our new, altered social landscape where we no longer are able to sit close to a friend, share a meal with them or see each other’s full face.  His new work explores this new social interaction based on social distancing and mask wearing. The exhibition will be on view through Oct. 3. 

Image: Scott Goss,Truss, 2020, Polycarbonate, steel, LED lighting, 7’ x 11' x 8'

POSTED: Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 3:07pm
UPDATED: Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 3:07pm