Taryn McMahon Exhibition at the Bubbler

Taryn McMahon, Assistant Professor in Printmaking has her exhibition Third Nature on view at the Bubbler in Madison, Wisconsin through September 29, 2017. McMahon use images of plants and architecture from botanical gardens to investigate sites and histories, highlighting the complicated cultural construction of an idea of “nature”. Like a DJ spinning sounds culled from disparate sources, the forms are remixed through the filters of printmaking, drawing, photography, and collage. This work imagines a future ecology in which the natural and artificial become intertwined and conflated in the face of unprecedented change.

The title of her current work, Third Nature, is a term coined by hacker theorist McKenzie Wark that refers to the current state of the anthropocene. The term “first nature” denotes nature untouched by human intervention – what we typically think of as “nature.” Wark asserts that we are in a new third state where “…Ecology is dead… There is no longer a homeostatic cycle that can be put right just by withdrawing. We are building third nature as the hyperreal.” This dovetails with her body of work, which uses images developed from digital photographs and drawings made at botanical gardens and other ecological sites to interrogate ways that these spaces project our own desires and fantasies of the natural world and our place within it. McMahon blends digital and hand drawn print processes to further explore how our interactions with the natural world are mediated through technology, and are thus fragmented and selective.

The Madison Bubbler is located inside the Madison Central Library offers hands-on pop-up workshops introduces participants to a variety of local experts who share their talents and physical resources.  Additionally, they offer rotating art exhibitions, a permanent art collection and an artist-in-residence program.

POSTED: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 4:37pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 4:38pm