Print Media & Photography

The print media and photography program at Kent State University is a vibrant community of artists, scholars, and students — informed by a practice of studio work and research with strong emphasis in critical and creative thinking.

All traditional print forms — relief, intaglio, serigraphy and lithograhy — are introduced in printmaking courses as a foundation for conceptual approaches. Northeast Ohio has a strong history of printmaking, both artistic and commercial, which creates a rich environment for creative practice.  The print media and photography studio space in the Center for the Visual Arts offers a wealth of tools, supporting print techniques such as intaglio, lithography, relief, silkscreen and large-format digital printing. Meanwhile, students can explore traditional and experimental photography in the state-of-the-art darkroom and develop print matrices at the school’s digital fabrication lab. In the program, students learn how to develop printed and photographic works of art through layering, problem solving and thoughtful material applications.

The Bachelor of Arts program in Print Media & Photography offers students a more generalized course of study and the opportunity to pursue a minor. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Print Media & Photography is a pre-professional degree intended to prepare students for graduate study.

The School of Art offers the Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Print Media & Photography.  The program aims to strengthen the student’s personal vision through emphasis on the conceptual aspects of the printmaking form.  Enrollment is deliberately kept small enough to make possible the individual instruction deemed essential for a quality professional graduate education.

Taryn McMahon and Breanne Trammell are full-time faculty; adjunct faculty include Lori Kella (photography).