Sculpture | Kent State University


The Sculpture program encourages proficiency in foundational methods of making-modeling, carving, and assembly - as a springboard to learning how to communicate ideas through sculptural works. Although sculpture classes are rooted in the history of object-making, new forms of sculptural practice-installation, time-based practice, sound and kinetic works-are all part of our comprehensive 3-D program.  

The sculpture program provides students with an interdisciplinary approach for making dimensional and spatial work. Students learn to work in traditional materials as well as expanded media, including installation art and time-based practices such as sound, video, participatory and socially engaged art. The Center for the Visual Arts facilities include a woodshop, metalshop, plaster and clay studios, a digital fabrication lab, and an outdoor workspace, allowing sculpture students to fully explore figure a wide range of approaches, strategies, and techniques that will assist students in defining what it means to be an artist and a maker in the 21st century.

The Bachelor of Arts program in Sculpture offers students a more generalized course of study and the opportunity to pursue a minor. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Sculpture is a pre-professional degree intended to prepare students who major in Sculpture for graduate study.

The school offers Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Sculpture.  Students are accepted into the program based on the quality of their portfolio, a demonstrated commitment to artistry, and an indicated grasp of dimensional form.  A broad range of materials is available to students involved in object-making including wood, stone, clay, plaster and wax as well as the tools and materials needed for various forms of metal fabrication. The school has multiple gallery spaces available for students to pursue works of installation, video, and performance. 

Isabel Farnsworth is head of sculpture program; adjunct faculty include Kortney Niewierski, and Marchelle Simms.