Semester Abroad in Florence

Opportunities for 2019 to be announced soon!

The School of Art is excited to offer this new opportunity! Students can now take upper-division studio art courses and study art history for an entire semester in Florence, Italy starting in the spring of 2018. Sculpture professor, Isabel Farnsworth will be teaching studio art courses at Santa Raparta, an international Art School just five minutes from the Kent State campus in the center of Florence. See the below for special topics that will be offered. Students must be enrolled full-time with Kent State courses while studying abroad and may also choose from other courses at Santa Raparta at an additional cost.

Application Deadline: October 1, 2017

Scholarship Deadline: October 7, 2017

For more information, contact Isabel Farnsworth at ifarnswo [at] or 330-672-6452.

ARTS 44095 Drawing in the Expanded Field 

Drawing in the expanded field is a studio art course that focuses on exploring contemporary drawing across a wide range of subjects and media. Students will initially look closely at ideas pertaining to the pictorial and conceptual nature of the subject of drawing as a means to record, communicate and discover through mark making in wet and dry media.  As the course progresses, students will study artists working with drawing in media other than traditional materials. Alternative ways of drawing will be explored through the use of assemblage, on-site interventions and various technology.  

Prerequisites: Drawing III (for Studio Art majors) exceptions will be made for non-majors by special permission.

ARTS 44095 Monotype Printmaking

Monotype and monoprinting are forms of printmaking in which artists create unique prints through various transfer methods from a plate or matrix onto paper or other substrates. The course will teach students various painterly techniques (utilizing both additive and subtractive techniques in both oil and water based inks), stenciling and masking, chine colle, image transfer processes, block printing, overprinting and various other image making techniques. Students will be encouraged to experiment, play, explore and layer various techniques to create a portfolio of one-of-a-kind prints. The course will consist of hands-on demonstrations, slide shows of artist’s works, in class work time, discussions and critiques.

Prerequisites: Print I (for Studio Art majors) exceptions will be made for non-majors by special permission.