Travel Study/China

China Travel Study


Experience the Arts and Culture of China
Instructor: Dr. Koon Hwee Kan,1-3 credit hours

ARTF 44092/54092 Field Experiences: Travel-Study in Fine Arts

Painting in China
Instructor: Jack McWhorter at Stark campus, 3 credit hours

Both courses comprise three components:

  • Two pre-travel video conferences to prepare participants and help them develop a mindset for global collaboration, partnership, and intercultural communication;
  •  A 12-day study-travel component to expand participants’ horizons and enrich their understanding of the dynamics of Chinese cultural landscape through examination of historical relics, exposure to cultural artifacts at heritage sites, and collaboration with local college students to develop in-situ research or plan for an art installation;
  • A post-travel exhibition to showcase how participants anchored meanings and embodied the complexity of their study-abroad experience through visual narratives and artistic representation and to demonstrate a contextualized understanding of Chinese art forms, cultural symbols, and architectural and communal spaces.

Qualified students can enroll in both courses and earn up to a total of 6 credits with the single trip to China (Beijing and Xi’an) but will need to fulfill separate requirements of both courses.  A learning contract will be signed for ART 40092/50092.

Selection criteria:

Merits of project assignments in both courses.

  1. Sign up for both courses before deadline (TBA).
  2. Discuss and confirm project ideas with both instructors during winter break.
  3. Begin research and prep in consultation with both instructors.
  4. Make presentations and excel at the video conference rehearsal.
  5. Show improvement when presenting again during the video conference.