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Bachelor of Art in Art Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Art Education certifies students for preK-12 Visual Art Licensure. Graduates effectively teach visual art by applying a learner-centered pedagogy to embrace the many dimensions of human intelligence and aesthetic education. Graduates understand child development to successfully engage learners in the complete artistic process of thinking— perceptual, imaginative, formative, expressive, and communicative--by combining a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas. They organize and evaluate teaching activities for creating and analyzing works of art and design from contemporary and past cultures. This involves using a variety of media, technology, and community resources, making connections between visual art and other disciplines, as well as assessing the learning outcomes of their students. Graduates are prepared to meet the needs of all students with an understanding of the value of diversity. They create safe and equitable learning environments in which to nurture life-long skills in problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and constructing meaning.

Master of Art in Art Education (100% On-line or Hybrid)

Licensed art education teachers who complete an art education master’s degree at Kent State University develop a focused competence in the visual arts as well as an intellectual understanding of the history and current issues of the field of art education. Students complete a course on quantitative and qualitative approaches to research then select to do a research study with a thesis or a master’s project option. The thesis culminates in a document that is based on scholarly research of an art education related topic. The master’s project involves action research, which focuses on participant/researcher studies in curriculum, classroom settings, grant implementation, and/or community-based projects.

Masters of Arts in Teaching

Students earning the M.A.T. with an emphasis in Art Education receive a master’s degree and eligibility for pre-K-12 licensure in the visual arts from the State of Ohio. After satisfying undergraduate art education requirements, students enter the M.A.T. program.  Classes for the M.A.T are organized so requirements can be completed in one calendar year (one summer plus two semesters) of full-time study.

 The M.A.T. cohort group is designed to be small in number to afford each student outstanding preparation and the opportunity to move through the program with a community of learners. This format engenders the sharing of values and attitudes while fostering professional growth.

After a summer term of course work that focuses on the foundations and principles of education, M.A.T. students spend two consecutive semesters in a combination campus-based and school-based internship. This integrated approach fosters both theoretical understanding and the development of the practical skills needed to be a successful teacher.

During the internship, instructional responsibilities are gradually increased until the intern is ready to manage a classroom with a minimum of supervision. Course work is tied to the internship and professional growth is regularly evaluated. 

Financial Aid

Information on financial aid is available through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

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Bachelor of Arts in Art Education Masters of Arts in Art Education
Dr. Koon Hwee Kan
Coordinator of Art Education
Dr. Linda Hoeptner-Poling
Graduate Coordinator, School of Art