Application Process


Applicants are expected to show that they have:

  1. An earned bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Completed preliminary course work in art and art education.
  3. Earned an overall undergraduate grade-point average of 2.70 and show other evidence predictive of success as an art teacher.                        
  4. Submitted a score from the Graduate Record Examination.
  5. A strong desire to teach and high potential to become  an effective teacher.
  6. A commitment to full-time study for a period of one year.

If you are interested in applying for a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT), follow these steps:

  • Make an appointment with Todd Hawley at 330-672-0670 to have a content evaluation completed.  The courses you have taken as an undergraduate student will be checked against the required courses needed for art education certification. 

  • An educational plan will be established.  It will include any undergraduate courses that you will need to complete before applying for the MAT program.

  • Make an appointment with a College of the Arts advisor in the Office of Advising and Academic Services.  An advisor will place you in the art education program and give you assistance in registering for courses.
  • Schedule the GRE exam.
  • During the final spring semester that you are taking undergraduate classes, you will apply for the MAT program.  Visit the EHHS MAT website to learn more.
  • Submit an application by February 15.
  • Interviews are scheduled with the coordinator of art education in late February or early March.  Acceptance letters are mailed during the last week of March.
  • The MAT program starts in the summer.  It is a full-time commitment for one complete year.