1. Who do I contact with general questions about my transcript, courses I have taken or need to take, or other basic information about registration and completing my degree?

    Contact Maria Robertson, advisor for the School of Art: mrobert9@kent.edu

  2. Who do I contact with specific questions about the art education program or concerns I have about a course or other things related to art education?

    Contact Dr. Koon Hwee Kan, Coordinator of Art Education: kkan@kent.edu

  3. Who do I contact to make sure I'm on track with all that I'm supposed to do to complete my degree?

    You should contact your art education faculty advisor once a year to safeguard that you are on track.


Required Assessments and Licensure: 

Praxis Core, OAE (Ohio Assessments for Educators), edTPA  (Teacher Performance Assessment), ODE (Ohio Department of Education), and Licensure

Praxis Core, and ODE

  1. Where can I find answers to advising questions related to declaring advanced standing, praxis exams, licensure and student teaching?

    Most general advising questions can be answered by going to the EHHS student services website.

  2. Where can I find information on Praxis Core and ODE?

    All art education majors should take Praxis Core as early in the program as possible. Do not delay. Praxis Core should be completed by the end of the ARTE 31001 semester. For detailed information on Praxis I and ODE, including test preparation, registration, required scores, and resources, see the the EHHS student services website (Praxis Core)

  3. What's the passing Praxis I scores or equivalent required for Advanced Study?

    For READING:

  • Passing Praxis I Scores = 174 Spring 2010 and beyond (175 Fall 2009 & Prior)
  • Equivalent Required: ACT Reading = 26   or SAT Verbal = 620   or COMPASS Reading = 93

    For WRITING:

  • Passing Praxis I Scores = 172 Spring 2010 and beyond (173 Fall 2009 & Prior)
  • Equivalent Required: ACT English = 25   or SAT ——-   or COMPASS Writing = 92


  • Passing Praxis I Scores = 174
  • Equivalent Required: ACT Math = 25   or SAT Math = 620   or COMPASS Math

Visit the EHHS Student Services website for more information.


Where can I find information on OAE?

Beginning Sept. 1, 2013, a new test series (Ohio Assessments for Educators), began to replace the Praxis II series as the required Ohio educator licensure tests.

Find out more at Ohio Assessments for Educators. 



Where can I find information on edTPA?

edTPA is an assessment process designed by educators to answer the essential question: "Is a new teacher ready for the job?" Ohio is one of twenty states participating in a consortium to develop a National Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) for preservice teachers. This assessment of student teaching performance is designed to measure the candidate's knowledge, skills and ability, including demonstrating his/her ability to appropriately instruct students. Candidate performances are scored by trained assessors against one or more rubrics that describe levels of performance relative to each task/activity. For more information, click here to visit the Ohio edTPA web site.


Licensure Requirement (not required for graduation)

How do I apply for a teaching license?

Candidates seeking Ohio licensure are required to pass specific assessments in order to apply for licensure. See Ohio Department of Education-Educator Preparation website for more information on assessments specific to licensure type. Taking and passing the licensure tests prior to graduation is encouraged but not required. How to apply for a Teaching License starting January 2014


Program Requirements

  1. What if I do not have a 2.75 GPA but want to get into art education?

    If you are close to a 2.75, you may be admitted into the first art education course.  Hopefully, you will raise your GPA during that semester to qualify for the program.

  2. Are these all of the requirements for graduation?

    A: No, there are other general requirements that you will find under the program description in the catalog.  You will need Kent Core courses, a writing intensive course, a diversity course, etc.  so look for all of this information.