Major Review

Start early to prepare for your Art Education Major Review.

Enroll in ARTE 41009: Art Education Major Review the semester prior to student teaching.

Keep all studio work and class work in order. You will have to exhibit a portfolio of 10-15 art works that represents your skills in a broad range of media. If you know you are weak in a studio area, be diligent in working toward improvement.

Keep all class notes and materials. Part of the Review process includes annotated bibliographies (summaries of readings) and personal/critical reflections on them. Make note of readings (particularly readings from the past 10 years) that resonate with your beliefs. They will assist you in the Review process.

In addition to your annotated bibliographies and your exhibit, you will write your personal teaching philosophy and participate in an oral defense.

FAQ regarding Major Review:

I hear many things about major review from other students. How do I know what is accurate?

Other students are helpful in giving advice or their personal examples. However, each student is different and will have varied perspectives. When you are in the Review course, your instructor will give you all the information you need to know. If you have questions, that is the time you make sure all of your questions are answered.