NAEA Student Officers


National Art Education Association (NAEA) Student Chapter

The Student Chapter was set up in the 1990s and at present has a membership of more than 280 art education majors and alumni from the division. Its goals included:

  1. To encourage and support students to participate in both the national and the state annual conventions
  2. To help establish mentoring relationships and make friendships within the program and beyond
  3. To organize field trips to various local and regional educational sources
  4. To assist in career search
  5. To explore possibilities for community connections

The chapter holds an annual election for student officers including the following positions: one president, one vice-president, one secretary, one treasurer, and 1-3 chapter developers. Committed and responsible elected officers serve one full term beginning March to mid-February of the following year.

Candidates are required to have completed Art Education Foundations ARTE 31001 with a passing grade and a declared art education major at Kent State. The nomination week is usually held in mid-February, followed by a polling date and an official first meeting with the advisor. All candidates are required to post a brief, precise and well-written nomination statement to the entire listserv to introduce themselves and their rationale of running for the position. They also use this statement to set goals and list their previous leadership experience.

NAEA Student Chapter 2019/20 Officers

NAEA student chapter officers for 2019/20

From left to right: Tess Young (treasurer), Megan Carney (president), Carly Sherman (vice president), Becca Treloar (historian), and Dana Humrighouse (secretary) 

Four student officers for the NAEA student chapeter sitting on steps.

AY2018-19 NAEA Student Chapter Active Members/Officers

President - Lauren Dickey (Front row right)

Vice President - John Girard (Back row left)

Historian - Colton Brown (Back row right)

Events coordinator/Secretary - Amelia Golec (Front row left)

Ten students in the hallway of CVA - officers for the NAEA student chapter

2017-18 NAEA Student Chapter Active Members/Officers

From left to right:

Phil : Webmaster

Lauren Dickey: Treasurer (2018 Spring)

Courtney Carpenter: Vice President

Savannah Grahm: Secretary (2017 Fall)

Alisha Longs: President

Olivia Pace: Secretary (2018 Spring)

Phoebe Lammert: Historian 

Jenna Thompson: Chapter Developer

Amber Tubman: Treasurer (2017 Fall)

Brittany Rose: Chapter Developer



Vice President: 



Chapter Developer: 

NAEA Student Chapter 2013/14 officers include:


Vice President: 



Chapter Developer: 


KSU NAEA 2012-2013President: Daniel Humphrey (Center)

Vice President: Krystin Smith (Second from right)

Secretary: Dilion Sedar (Second from left)

Treasurer: Jessica Casher (First from left)

Chapter Developer: Gina Santora (First from right)

KSU NAEA Student Chapter Members Academic Year 2011/12 included:
KSU NAEA 2011-2012

President: Matthew Mohrbach (Back, center)

Vice President: Kristin Mohan (Front, center)

Secretary: Catherine Brunner (Front, first from left)

Treasurer: Ashley Kessler (Back, first from right)

Chapter Developers: Kelsey Damron (Back, second from right); Jeremy Pytel (Back, first on left); Lauren Prax (Back, second from left); Carolyn Lindsay (Front, second from right).

Kent State NAEA Student Chapter Members Academic Year 2010/11 included:

President: Erin McCourt (Front, first from left)KSU NAEA 2010-2011

Vice-president: Jen DeMarsh (Front, second from left)

Secretary: Christine Pace (Back, first from left)

Treasurer: Ashley Kessler (Front, third from left)

Chapter Developers: Colleen Hawkins (Back, second from left) and Sara Szilagyi (Back, third from left)

From the beginning of Fall Semester 2010, student officers each contributed a column to a monthly web-distributed newsletter. In each issue, they generously shared important current information to the 300+ members on the NAEA Student Chapter listserv by providing valuable teaching resources in addition to information on books, artists and important dates in art history. Accomplishments: The Student Chapter 2010/11 officers organized a spectacular Pinwheels for Peace event on the School of Art grounds on Sept. 14, 2010.

Student officers also helped the faculty prepare and arrange activities in two well-attended general meetings (once each semester); held a T-shirt and tote bag sale during their term; and spelled out the responsibilities of each chapter member’s role. The art education bulletin board in the School of Art building, 2nd floor, was regularly updated to keep everyone informed of all current events.

Kent State NAEA Student Chapter Members Academic Year 2009/10 included:

KSU NAEA 2009-2010President: Dana Suloff (Third from Left)

Vice-president: Brittany Hall (Fourth from Left)

Secretary: Molly Spencer (First from Left)

Treasurer: Natalie Arthur (Fifth from Left)

Chapter Developers: Kristina Napoli (Second from Left) and Sarah Fletcher (Not  pictured)

Accomplishments: The Student Chapter 2009/10 officers organized an Art Education Art Show in the Kent Student Center May 2-8, 2010. The reception held on Thursday, May 6, 2010, from 5-7 p.m., was well attended. Many family members, friends and art education majors came to enjoy free food and support their fellow artist-peers.

Student officers helped the Art Education faculty to organize a general meeting-cum-party on March 11, 2010, to introduce Student Chapter AY 2010/11 members to everyone.

Together with a small group of Art Education majors, they also attended the NATIONAL ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Annual Convention held at Baltimore in mid April (see more pictures).

Kent State NAEA Student Chapter Members Academic Year 2008/09 included:

KSU NAEA 2008-2009President: Sarah Fletcher (Third from Left)

Vice-president: Jennifer (Jen) Allchin (Second from Left)

Secretary: Samantha (Sam) Rogers (First from Left)

Treasurer: Kelly Follis (Fifth from Left)

Chapter Developers: Nicole Stahl (Forth from Left)

Accomplishments: The Student Chapter 2008/09 officers organized a Fundraising Exhibition in the Student Center during Kent State Honors Week from March 31 to April 6, 2008, a well-attended semester kick-off picnic and end-of-semester party in the fall of 2008.

Student officers also represented the art education division during the NCATE evaluation presentation in November 2008, held several T-shirt sales during their term, and regularly update the bulletin board in the School of Art building to keep everyone informed.

Chapter Advisors:

AY 2012/13: Dr. Koon Hwee Kan

AY 2011/12: Dr. Linda Poling

AY 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11: Dr. Koon Hwee Kan

AY 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/08: Dr. Robin Vande Zande

Graduate Teaching Assistants:

AY 2011/12, 2012/13: Maria Iafelice