Practicum (Art Enrichment)

Art Enrichment kids' art showStudents in the Art Education: Practicum course are responsible for teaching children in Kindergarten to Eighth grade in our after school Art Enrichment classes on campus. Working with fellow pre-service teachers, students plan a comprehensive unit of art study and studio mastery for an assigned age group. The lessons follow a primary unit theme set by the instructor for the semester and a secondary theme developed with teammates for each set of required lesson plans. Individually each student plans three lessons that engage children in looking at art, intelligently talking about art, learning art skills, and creating art. The culminating activity is an art show featuring all the artwork created for family and friends to enjoy.

The Fall 2019 theme was A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES

  • What did my community look like in the past?
  • What constitutes my identity now?
  • What if I can change the world? 

In Monday Art Enrichment during the fall semester, participants from Kindergarten to Eighth grade engaged in a visual quest to explore the past, study the present and create possibilities for the future. They project their creative visions to the community at a final art show on Dec 2.

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