Required Courses

All required Art Education courses are expected to be taken in sequence.

ARTE 31001 Art Education: Foundations and Concepts/Elementary (3)

This course serves as an introduction to the field of art education. Understanding of child development and approaches to teaching the expressive and responsive dimensions of art in the early grades are emphasized. Students visit art classrooms for a total of 11 field/clinical hours. Prerequisites: 2.5 GPA and sophomore standing in art education, or admission to professional education, or permission.

ARTE 31004 Art Education: Teaching Practicum (3)

In this course, students teach groups of students, grouped by ages four through 13. The focus is on applying art education concepts in a laboratory classroom setting. Analysis of instructional problems is emphasized. This course is part of the Art Enrichment program and includes 54 field and/or clinical hours. Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA; ARTE 31001.

ARTE 41002 Art Education: Foundations and Concepts/Secondary (3)

Students examine relationships between content and materials and how they can be developed into strategies for teaching art. Seven field and/or clinical hours are associated with this course. Prerequisites: 2.5 GPA; ARTE 31004.

ARTE 41003 Art Education: Field Experiences (3)

This is an advanced planning and teaching experience for art education students. Art lessons that are geared to specific student populations are presented and complex classroom situations are analyzed along with a mentorship with an practicing area art teacher. Fifty-four field and/or clinical hours are associated with this course. Prerequisites: 2.5 GPA; ARTE 31004. This course may be used to satisfy the writing-intensive course graduation requirement.

ARTE 41009 Art Education Major Review (1)

This is a comprehensive examination of each student’s knowledge of art, education and art education. Skill and proficiency in studio work and the ability to understand and apply art education concepts are assessed. S/U grading; IP is permissible. Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA, and pre- or co-requisite: ARTE 41002 and 41003.

ARTE 41525 Art Education: Inquiry into Professional Practice (3)

This course focuses on understanding of advanced concepts and practices in teaching art. Inquiry as an aspect of professional practice in art teaching and the art teacher as a critical, disciplined investigator are emphasized. Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA and ARTE 41009 or permission.

ARTE 41557 Art Education: Student Teaching and Seminar (9)

In the student teaching experience and associated seminar, the student is expected to demonstrate the range of knowledge and skill necessary for initial licensure and to be an effective art teacher in grades pre-K-12. S/U grading and IP permissible. See Student Teaching section in the Undergraduate Catalog. Co-requisite: ARTE 41525, eligibility for student teaching and 2.5 GPA.