Student Teaching

All applications for Student Teaching must be completed one year PRIOR TO the semester of anticipated student teaching. The application is due the Friday of WEEK 2 of each semester and is completed on-line. When applying you will be informed of the mandatory meeting times. At this meeting you will receive the student teacher placement form and information about when the materials must be returned to 304 White Hall, Office of Clinical Experiences.

To apply for student teaching you must have 2.75 GPA in the major requirements and a 2.75 overall GPA. All coursework, GPA, dispositional standards, advanced standing and test score requirements need to be met prior to the final student teaching semester. Your student teaching application will be reviewed by OSS staff (304 White Hall) to verify that all program requirements are or will be met. You will then receive a letter stating whether you are tentatively approved for student teaching and the dates for attending a mandatory student teaching meeting. If you have been tentatively approved, you must attend one of these meetings in order to student teach.

Student Teaching Application Process
  1. Meet with an advisor in the College of the Arts to check that your KAPS/GPS (Year 2011 and recent) report is correct and that you have all your requirements met.
  2. Fill out the online application and receive a letter and/or email confirmation.
  3. Attend all mandatory meetings as stated in the letter you receive at the Office of Clinical Experiences, 304 White Hall.
Overseas Student Teaching

If you are interested in student teaching overseas, contact COST [Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching].