Travel Study


This trip will focus on art and cultural and historic landmarks, to understand how studying Renaissance artifacts may relate to American culture. Students will visit schools in Milan, Reggio Emilia and Florence to gain an awareness and appreciation of how children and youth are taught in environments that are rich with historical architecture, design, and art. They will have an opportunity to teach in an international school in Milan.

There will be tours, workshops and opportunities to visit Florence, Milan and Reggio Emilia with optional trips to Venice, Rome and Pisa.

Art Education in Florence, Italy Art Education in Florence, Italy Art Education in Florence, Italy Art Education in Florence, Italy


Art Education in New York CityNEW YORK CITY TRAVEL STUDY

The New York travel study course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to utilize the world-renowned New York museum collections and exhibitions in constructing curriculum and/or to gain experience in museum education. By visiting three to five New York City museums, students will gain a firsthand understanding of the learning opportunities presented by art museums as well as design curricular materials related to the collections. Because of the diversity of collections, students will engage in viewing a variety of art genres and forms. These works of art are only familiar to many of the students through texts and are not normally available. Museum visit itineraries will vary from semester to semester, determined by both permanent collections and special exhibitions.

Museums that will be visited on all trips: Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Other museum visits may include but are not restricted to: American Folk Art Museum, Museum of Arts and Design, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Chelsea Art Museum, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, The Frick Collection, Guggenheim Museum, International Center for Photography, The Neue Galerie, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, and Whitney Museum of American Art.


Art Education in New York City  Art Education in New York City  Art Education in New York City


    OAEA Conference Travel Study

    At the Ohio Art Education Association Conference, students create and increase networking opportunities with art education professionals and art education students within the state of Ohio. Students also engage in issues and current topics pertinent to art education in Ohio through active participation in the conference presentations and through interactions with Ohio practitioners, researchers, academics, students, artists and writers in our field. Commercial exhibits, the latest publications and art media for classroom use are also explored.

    NAEA Conference Travel Study

    The purpose of this workshop is for students to gain a clearer understanding of the major issues and current topics in the field of art education through active participation in the National Art Education Association convention, which is in New York City this year. Students will be required to attend presentations by and network with many of the major researchers, writers and practitioners in our field. They will also peruse the vendor displays to view the latest publications and art media for classroom use.