College of the Arts Career Conference


Third Annual Arts without Limits: Explore Careers in the Arts


Friday, January 24, 2020
1- 5 p.m. in the Kent Student Center KIVA and Third Floor Meeting Rooms

Come join the creatives and discover:

  • How you can do more with your degree: The panel will help you discover options and creative intersections with careers in other disciplines, how to identify and apply your knowledge and skills learned at Kent State University, creating and building opportunities, and networking.
  • Breaking Barriers: Overcoming obstacles, opening minds: The panel members will share their experiences and advice on breaking personal and societal barriers, opening minds, and creating and building opportunities for all in the arts.
  • Launching your career in New York City (or any big city): What do you need to know before you make the leap to New York City? Come learn from those who have made that leap, and gain important insider knowledge on everything from where to live, how to find a place to live, how to find the job or auditions, and how to overcome the "can I make it there?" self-doubts.
  • Taking care of your most important creative tool: You!: How do you perform at levels of excellence in your field, and maintain high levels of personal and physical wellness? Come discuss and learn ways to adjust to and control the ebb and flow of your life, and enhance your personal wellness.
  • Graduate school: When is the right time for you?: Are you interested in exploring graduate school, but unsure where to start? Come hear from the experts on how to find the best graduate programs for your career goals, how to apply, when to start applying, how to make the most of your graduate school experience.

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