Funded Catalyst Grants


The College of the Arts awards Catalyst Grants to faculty for interdisciplinary  research and creative projects involving undergraduate students.

H. Gerrey Noh, Hugh A. Glauser School of Music, David Hassler, Wick Poetry Center and Frank Wiley, School of Music. “Singing Verse: Orginal Compositions by Kent State Composers and Poets.”


Gargi Bhaduri, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising and Xinyue Ye, Department of Geography. “Mapping and Modeling Public Attitude toward Fashion sustainability in Online Social Media”

Elizabeth Carr, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising and Jon Yoder, College of Architecture and Environmental Design.  “Fusion: Fashion + Architecture Beyond Inspiration”



Jonghan Hyun, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising and Tom Gober, Gracy Lane Retail Stores. “Branding Symposium.”

Jeffrey Marc Rockland, School of Theatre and Dance; Denny J. Euprasert, Conservatory of Music at Rangsit University, Bangkok, Thailand; Sun Tawalwongri, Department of Theatre and Dance, Suan Sunandha University, Bangkok; Chommanad Kijkhun, Graduate School, Rajabhat Suan Sunandha University, Bangkok. “’East Meet West,’ An Educational Exchange and Collaboration in Thailand.” 

Andrew Shahriari, Hugh A. Glauser School of Music; Jennifer Johnstone, School of Music and Phillip Hamrick, Department of English.  “A Study of World Music Listening as an Intervention for Autism.”

Tameka Ellington (Fashion) and Stacey Lim (Audiology/Central Michigan University). (dis)ABLED BEAUTY:The Evolution of Beauty, Disability and Ability